Sunday, 22 March 1992

Bye Bye Bill

After about a year of playing sporadic gigs around Melbourne, Bill understandably got a bit disenchanted with the whole merry go round of playing small gigs to a half empty room supporting bands we didn’t like.

He was suggesting we concentrate on recording material on our own utilising the four track method rather than going into another studio. Bill was a big fan of The Bevis Frond, a band that was essentially a studio project. I liked the idea of recording material on four track but I also wanted to continue to play live and get more experience on stage.

But it all came head one night when we were playing a gig at the Bridge Mall Inn Ballarat with the Turbo Turtles and the Dead Salesmen. We all had too much to drink and tensions in the band boiled over. By the time we got back to Melbourne Bill and the Honeyriders went our separate ways.

Bill wrote some amazing songs in our short time writing together, but after his departure, we found ourselves having to ditch half the songs in our set and start again. Adam had already proven himself as a more than competent guitarist, so there was now more room for his creative input which he definitely rose to the challenge. Over the next few months we started auditioning new bass players and writing material for The Honeyriders MkII.

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