Thursday, 22 November 2012

So what?

So why did we not make it big? Did we suck ... no, I don't think so. We had a few people genuinely interested in what we were doing. We got some good reviews in the local street press, some booking agents gave us some great chances, we had a few things going for us. But one thing that was always against us was ... money.

Money for good musical equipment, money to pay for a regular sound guy, money to record a good quality recording suitable for release, money to press 500 cd's, money to promote ourselves. We had none of that, I was unemployed ... eking out a living doing cash jobs, we were students, apprentices etc etc. Only one of us had a full time job. So back in the 90's if you had a few thousand dollars spare, you could start making waves, but we could barley afford to make a ripple.

I wonder if we had started today with internet making the world only a mouse click away, if we'd stand a better chance ... probably not. Today there are 10 times (100?) more bands battling to get your attention. Chances are that if you do get on radio, you are forgotten in 12 months.

Do yourself a favor, stay in school ... but keep playing, rehearsing, dreaming. You never know your luck.

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