Wednesday, 22 November 1995

Can't get there from here?

I wrote and demoed more than 100 songs before I turned 25. I figured that practice makes perfect, and the creative juices were not just flowing but pouring out of me. Writing a song was (and still is) pretty easy for me. Writing a good one is not as easy ...

Besides I had few distractions in my early 20's. I had tried university, but quite frankly I found it to be a wast of time. The Uni course I was taking was never going to get me anywhere other than into another Uni course. So one day I just quit ... walked out and never came back.

I had a fire in the belly driving me to succeed as a successful songwriter. Bands like REM, The Cure, Crowded House and The Church provided the spark of inspiration.

But after years of struggle, the battle was lost, but is the war over? The momentum of writing songs on a weekly basis has stalled, but I was still getting ideas for songs but I didn't have the time or motivation to finish them.

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