Saturday, 22 October 1994

Grinding halt

After 3 years of struggle, 1994 would be the Honeyriders last year. After 2 failed attempts at recording a debut single, the enthusiasm within the band started to dwindle. Rehearsals became a bit of a rarity, gigs even more scarce.

But when things looked truly grim, we got ourselves a manager. I cant remember which one of us got this guy (I cant remember his name) but I remember sitting in a coffee shop with Heath, and he proceeded to tell us how good we were and how he was going to get the ball rolling on our fast track to rock and roll stardom.

Q. So where do you want to play guys?

A. Punters Club, The Evelyn, The Prince ... you know.

Q. mmm ... How do you spell The Evelyn Hotel?

Forget it ... if you don't know those venues, why are we even talking?

After a few weeks of non-action, we decided to dump our manager and continue on as before. With the demise of the band looming, we decided to record our set list for prosperity. We went to Bakehouse studio to be again recorded by the wonderfully patient Nigel Derricks. We did our set list, there were  a few mistakes, but we knew those songs back to front and they sounded great.

20 years later I give the CD a listen and I'm pretty happy with the results. We didn't change the world but we managed to write and record some pretty good songs that I think stood the test of time.

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