Monday, 25 October 1993

Our Big Break

We again shopped around our demo tape to the pubs and clubs around Melbourne but the reaction was much more different than the first time. One of the bookers at the Prince of Wales in St Kilda liked the tape so much he had us playing a gig there within a matter of days. It wasn't on a quiet weeknight but as a support to a headline act from the UK. I thought our luck had changed, we had someone with genuine clout on our side.

We had our chance to impress and we blew it again. As a unknown band we were not slotted in on the main stage, Afterglow and the Underground Lovers were on the main stage supporting Adorable. They just had a sizeable indie hit with 'Homeboy' and were touted as the next big band after the Stone Roses. Quite a coup for us to be supporting a band like that. But we were not playing on the main stage, rather we were the band that was on between sets in the old Piano Bar near the main entrance, but hey ... we're playing the POW!

Our 2 sets were plagued by sound issues, our sound engineer was struggling to get the levels right, Adam's mix was so bad he could not hear himself. By the time our sound was right, our first set was over. Not too many people stopped to check us out, just kept on walking to the bar or the bathroom. Our second set was better but we came to the realisation that our equipment was just not up to scratch. If we were to start playing with the big boys we needed to get serious. Sounds easy right? mmm ...

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